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The 60's are usually remembered for Mersey Sound, Mary Quant, Mods and The Flower People, but a night out with The Blue Jays and those fond memories of TV's Jukebox Jury, Ready Steady Go, 6 5 Special and Oh Boy come flooding back.

A show with style and clear cut instrumentals of THE SHADOWS, the vigor of BILLY FURY and JOHNNY KIDD and with the quick wit and humor of JOE BROWN or FREDDY & THE DREAMERS.

Not forgetting the Blue Jays original magic where Steve, Bob, Bob and Iain come into their own with a combined experience totaling over 70 years across England and Europe. Showing off their well-groomed skills, which have always been set in the field of music nostalgia. Over the past six years THE BLUE JAYS have appeared with many original artists from the 50's & 60's, performed in countless Holiday Camp Cabarets and club dances up and down the country. Whatever the occasion a good time is always on the cards for old and young alike.

Lead singer and multi-instrumentalist STEVE HINES has been playing Rock 'n' Roll bands since he was thirteen covering the whole of southern England and supporting many top names on the Rock 'n' Roll circuit.

BOB HINES the lead guitarist has played in several Rock 'n' Roll bands and gained his skills playing across Europe. Over the past few years he has developed the clean-cut guitar sound synonymous with the early sixties.

IAIN DEVINE the beat behind the band once again has an extensive pedigree stretching back to his teens. Having backed and supported many top acts he keeps the solid tempo that audiences love to dance to.

Last but no means least, BOB SOANES, the newest member of the band on bass guitar. Bob has a wide range of musical talents and has added new dimensions to the band.

You can hear them on the new album on Pollytone Records and the track 'Johnny's Song' which is a great tribute to the late Johnny Kidd has already received extensive radio airplay and around the clubs it is a great stroller!!!!!!

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