--- Pollytone Radio Promotion!!!!!!

As you know Pollytone Records is played on the radio all over the world in most countries and including the UK. If you are fortunate enough to have an album with Pollytone Records then this comes as part of the promotion of the album. We have now decided to offer this service to bands that have their own albums and demos that are not on the label. Already we have been bombarded with calls to take this offer up starting in the New Year!!!!!!. This will be a chargeable service. If you are interested in getting your music heard in the places that Pollytone do - then give us a call or email val@pollytone.com Distribution service also available

Contact Val Tel:01895 638584 FAX:01895 624793 Email:val@pollytone.com or write to Pollytone, P.O. Box 124, Ruislip, Middx HA4 9BB