Rock n Roll on the Radio!!!!!!!!

Pollytone is back on the campaign trail again!!!!!!! It works with British record shops so help us do it again!!!!!!!!!!

Would you like to hear your Rock 'n' Roll on the radio? Join Pollytone in their new campaign!!!!

Telephone your local radio station and ask them to play your favorite track by your favorite club band. They have someone doing a job to trace that track for the request. Tell them what CD it is available on and tell them to call us if they have a problem finding it. One call from the Radio Station is ALL it takes!!!!!!

If as many of you can do this as possible perhaps we can succeed in getting Rock 'n' Roll on the airwaves!!!!! Most importantly of all perhaps we can convince the programme controllers that there is a need for this music that we love so much and as some of you have sent in a Pollytone catalogue to the local DJ and they have been in touch with us - it proves it DOES work!!!!!

It would be good if you can let us know if you get a response from your area!!!!!!

Email and let us know how you get on