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Pollytone RecordsŪ and The British Shop Campaign

Pollytone has started a campaign to get Rock 'n' Roll back in the British record shops. Do you still buy CD's for leisure? If you are then you know that if you go into your record store and ask for a Pollytone product, you are either told that it is deleted or we do not exist. This is mainly because the Manager cannot take the time and trouble to look us up in the Music Directories that list every record label that registers with them with a telephone contact to be able to order the stuff. So if you can help us and go into your local store with the following details: the Catalogue number, title and artiste and tell them there is NO MINIMUM ORDER. They would get their delivery within 72 hours and get the order quicker than a major distributor. ASK your store to make that extra little effort. Without this we are going to remain unheard of because we are not a dance, house, 6 week chart wonder stuff!!!! If you have any problems at all please let us know the name of the store and the town it is located and we will telephone them direct and try and sort it!!

Why not print this page out and take it down with you when you go to order!!